Estimation Using Function Point Analysis

What is Function Point Analysis?

Function point Analysis (FPA) is a technique used for estimation of computer software all over the world.  It is extremely useful in estimating projects, managing change of scope, measuring productivity, and communicating functional requirements.  FPA is a method to partition the scope of work into smaller components, so they can be better understood and analyzed. 

It is applicable for broad range of software environment and independent of technology.

 Benefits of FPA

  • Significantly improve the ability to estimate the project right.
  • Makes you a better project manager, helps you to plan and execute the project better.
  • Provides a commonly understood benchmark to measure productivity, thus evaluate and compare estimates
  • Can be used to define and measure productivity improvement over a period of time.

 Who should attend? 

  • Project and Program Managers
  • Project and Team Leaders
  • QA, Business Analysts

 What are advantages of MQAS training program?

  • Excellent Training Handbook
  • Series of examples and case studies
  • Practical exercises
  • Quiz
  • 16 PDUs

 All our Instructors are:

  • Vast experience in Delivery and implementing Process Improvement initiatives
  • Have worked in multi-cultural environments

 Benefits of Our Client-Site courses:

  • Tailor the course ware to department or business needs, to suite organization’s processes
  • Tailor made case studies designed to facilitate team building
  • Save travel time and expenditure
  • Schedule the program in line with your budget and training calendar


Some of our prestigious clients:


  • IL&FS Environmental Division
  • Maruti Suzuki
  • Secure Meters
  • HCL Info systems