CMMI High Maturity

Benefits of CMMI

  •  Defect Reduction
  •  Yield Improvement
  • Improvement in Customer Satisfaction
  • Higher Net Income
  • Continual Improvement       


CMMI High Maturity Practices program can be attended by following people across software industry:

  • Practitioners from organizations implementing CMMI v1.3 ML4/ML5 or transitioning from v1.1 / v1.2
  • SEPG members
  •  Metrics Council members
  • Project Managers; especially disgruntled Project Managers who are being forced to follow what they see as fairly ‘useless’ ML4/ML5 practices.

 Understanding and Implementing CMMI ML4 and ML5

  • How does one use a process performance model to manage a project?
  • Should a project manager keep an eye on specification limits at the defined process level, or should it be at the sub-process level?
  • How does one know that a better performance is due to a process improvement and not due to normal variations in performance?
  • Can you actually implement QPM without implementing CAR?

There have been a number of course offerings on CMMI high maturity practices that appear to focus on statistical concepts and/or on statistical tools. The idea seems to be that knowing a lot of statistics or knowing how to use statistical tools will somehow transform a ML3 organization into a ML4/ML5 organization.

These courses appear to fail to recognize that practitioners of CMMI need to understand properly the concepts behind ML4 / ML5, and that it is neither necessary nor desirable for your Project Managers to attempt to become expert Statisticians.

Common Problems Faced by Organizations while implementing ML4/ML5

Some of the problems that organizations typically face while implementing ML4/ML5 are in establishing Process Performance Models, in identifying ‘critical’ sub-processes suitable for statistical management and in establishing a quantitative link between these sub-processes and their project goals.

This training program attempts to explain the fundamentals of ML4 / ML5 in a way that practitioners can implement and get true benefits in managing their projects rather than just trying to achieve a ‘maturity level rating’.

What are advantages of our training program?

Excellent Training Material

The tools used in the exercises cover Tests of Hypothesis, Correlation, Simulation, Prediction Intervals, Process Behaviour Charts etc. in a way that is easy to understand, easy to relate to project work, and easy to use even when away from the classroom without the benefit of the presence of the instructor.

All our Instructors are:

  • High Maturity Lead Assessors
  • Vast experience in Delivery and implementing Process Improvement initiatives
  • Have worked in multi-cultural environments

Our Client-Site courses:


15 participants or more


  • Tailor the course ware to department or business needs, to suite organization’s processes
  • Tailor made exercises designed to facilitate team building
  • Save travel time and expenditure
  • Schedule the program in line with your budget and training calendar