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CMMI High Maturity


A leading Indian Software Product Development Company – developing software products  in the e-governance and banking domains. Has implemented their products across numerous banks in India and internationally.


Successful CMMI ML5 DEV for software application development and maintenance activities

 Project Background 

  • configuration management was a critical area
  • Reusability was an area of concern
  • Productivity of individuals was seemingly high but it was not having desired affects on the improvements of organization’s business objectives
  • Centralized QC team was overburdened with multiple full/patch releases
  • Efforts were overshooting

  Key Services Provided by us

  • Gap analysis was carried out
  • Training was provided to document the processes
  • Conversion of organizational  business objectives  into  tangible and quantitative form.
  • Identified key metrics that were in line with the organization’s business objectives
  • Applied Monte Carlo simulation and sensitivity analysis to validate the schedules if they were 95% confident to meet the planned effort.
  • Established statistical models in such a way that each project could use Monte Carlo simulations and What-if analysis to predict performance of projects with respect to organizational goals

  Key Benefits

  • Increase in mean of Productivity with reduction in Standard Deviation
  • Increase in mean of QC Effectiveness with reduction in Standard Deviation leading to effective resource planning and availability utilization.
  • Increase in mean of Defect Removal Effectiveness with reduction in Standard Deviation
  • Reduction in mean of Delivery Cycle Time with reduction in Standard Deviation

Some of our prestigious clients:

  • IL&FS Technology Limited
  • NEC Copration 
  • Chainsea Information Integration Company Ltd Taiwan
  • HCL Info systems
  • Seasia Infotech Pvt. Ltd