Presentation Skills

Presentation is an Art as well as a Science. It is a formal way of expressing ideas, thoughts and vision. Effective presentations have an impact in Interviews / assessments / discussions. The Project Managers / Team Leads / Developers need to be well trained in the art of effective presentation.

Objectives of Training Program:

The training program has been designed with the following objectives:

  • Communicate / present effectively: The Trainees should be able to present / express their views /thoughts effectively. Training would be provided as to how we need to express / answer to the queries and questions of the panel of interviewers.
  •  Motivate, instruct & involve the audience: The winning point of any Presentation is that the Presenter is able to motivate and involve with the audience. The trainees would be inculcated with the presentation skills whereby Presenter can express their ideas / views and involve the audience.
  • Listening and understanding the audience is a must to get the audience involved. The program shall educate the Trainees on the art of effective listening and speaking.
  • Utilize Power Point effectively: Power Point is a very effective tool whereby Presenter can present / answer his views / thoughts in a very effective manner. Well made Presentations have a lasting impact as graphical / visual presentations are easy to understand. The Training program would include a module on how to use Power point as an effective tool while presenting. 

Participants for the Training Program:

The Participants for the Training program shall be the Project Managers / Team Leads / Developers.

Methodology for the Training Program:

  •  The Training program shall be of two days consisting of four interactive sessions.
  •  Classroom participative style methodology would be adopted.
  • Trainees would be inculcated with the finer points of the Art of effective Presentations.

Trainees would be involved in making Presentations on individual / group basis. The presentations would be reviewed so that gaps are identified and corrective measures taken 

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