• Using 7 QC tools

• Team Building

Training Success Stories.

1. Using Microsoft Project Plan

Client A large software development organization in the domain of tours and travels.

Project  - Training its managers and junior managers to use MS Project Plan for effective scheduling and tracking of their project activities.

Training Approach

  •  Classroom based onsite
  •  Workshop Mode
  •  Hand-holding
  •  Actual Schedule Preparation using Client’s ongoing live projects    

Training Content

  • Organizing Project Tasks
  • Managing Resources
  • Tracking the Project
  • Reporting


  • Effective utilization of human resources through resource pools
  • Better tracking of Receivables and Deliverables
  • Informed decisions regarding risk planning
  • Better tracking of Invoicing
  • Ability to predict the delays and take pre-emptive corrective actions


2.    Peer reviews

Client   - A large software development organization working in the domain of e-governance

Project  - Training its managers and leads on using review techniques for early quality control.

Training Approach

  •  Classroom based onsite
  •  Real Life case studies and examples covering salient aspects peer review implementation were provided to the participants.
  •  Interactive discussion based program with role play sessions

Training Content

  • Conducting above type of reviews through interactive role play sessions
  • Measuring effectiveness of peer reviews
  • Possible reasons of ineffective reviews
  • Effects of early quality control


  • Helped the people (who perform the role of a reviewer during any stage of SDLC) understand the formal ways of reviewing.
  • Reviews became more effective thus a great deal of reduction in defect leakage to subsequent stages
  • Effective reviews lead to better quality defect detection by the QC team


3.    Decision Making

Client  -  IT division of a large fertilizer company.

Project  - Training its senior managers on using computers to make informed and effective decisions.

Training Approach

  • Classroom based onsite
  • Focus on pragmatic and sensible implementation of best practices
  • Interactive discussion based modules with brainstorming sessions, workouts and presentations

 Training Content

  •  Steps in structured decision making
  •  Choosing one among alternatives
  •  Rationale of decision making
  •  Modern aids to decision making
  •  Help from historical data
  •  Statistical techniques
  •  Principles of measurement

Application of computers in risk analysis based decision making 

  • Risk Analysis
  • Prioritization
  • Strategies
  • Facilitating decision making with the help of computers


  • Helped the senior managers in applying computers in structured and fact based decision making
  • Using computers in risk analysis
  • Using computers in measurements and this management
  • Applying quantitative techniques
  • Applying consensus based decision making thru computers